What Your Kids and Teenagers Should Know About Bitcoin

Kids in this generation are born in digital age.They are very smart and open for the new technologies, ideas and projects. Most of the children or teenagers use iPods, smart phone and laptop with internet. They are adventurous and they love to earn money by themselves while they learn.

Therefore, if we teach them how to earn money with bitcoin, definitely they will fall in love with bitcoin. Teenagers or children can understand bitcoin much better than elders. They can easily learn new tech, so it’s so tricky to explain bitcoin to them.

They could make most out their gadgets by earning bitcoin for free.

It will add extra income to their pocket. Kids can use bit coins for small online purchases. Many teens don’t have their own debit/credit cards, and parents don’t like frequent purchases on their cards. Bitcoin is a good option for buying whatever you want if you know how to make it.

A child can lose or forget cash easily. Piggy banks don’t always work well for storing the bits of money a kid. So usually, they prefer exchanging it with parents for bitcoin. It is a reliable store of value.

There are many ways through which we can teach teenagers or children: 

  • We can explain to teenagers or children what bitcoin is by showing them the places on the Internet where they can learn about it. As soon as they see benefits of Bitcoin, they will adapt it. 
  • We can start explain bitcoin by using something they are already familiar with telling them that bitcoin is like other international currencies dollar, euro and many else. Or like piggybank and piggicoins is digital version of piggybank. They will understand and we explain more about bitcoin. 
  • We can also explain bitcoins to them by using the gold analogy.
  • It’s not necessary to teach them the whole in’s and out’s just a bit about public/private key pairs, sending/receiving addresses and secure coin holding and they will pick up the rest of the things very quickly.
  • There are many interactive videos on YouTube, we can give them about the link of video so they can learn from it. It’s much better than hearing the boring explanations.
  • Best idea to teach is through gaming terms. Teenagers and children love playing role-playing games and MMO’s. So if we try teaching like a game, they see or will have an idea of what it is.
  • Teaching in practical way is always a better idea that is to give them a bitcoin to buy, so that they may be able to understand how the bitcoin will work. And also with them having a bitcoin, it will open them to the online reality of digital currency as it is the future currency for the next generation.

Teaching teenagers and children how to earn online and what bitcoins is will help them only in future. It is also very important us to make sure to teach them in their spare time and instead of doing something playing games and going outside to hangout it is a big help for them to do bitcoining instead going on that situations or places .

Actually it is really a complicated thing to them to understand in the beginning but when they come to know about bitcoins in better manner then they will realise that it is very easy and they start knowing more about bitcoins.

It’s really important and ultimately beneficial for teenagers and kids to learn about bitcoin as its currency of their generation.

Bitcoin is something that will make the world a better place and there is a need to help as many people as possible to make them understand bitcoins, so that’s they can join the digital currency revolution.

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