How I Use Bitcoin To Get 32% To 75% Profit for My Investment

Bitcoin profit can be high if you are using the right technology that can provide better ROI for time and investment.

Even if you are just a week old online trader you will know that contracts and derivatives are the fast way to make money through stocks and Forex.  It is also the better way to get a better ROI for you time, research and investment.

However, traditionally the contracts are on monthly basis. After doing research and finding about for trading top USA stocks, forex and commodities using bitcoin. I am now a diehard fan trading with turbo trader from

This is a straightforward way for trading stocks or Forex. All you have to do is just shift the button to turbo trader and you are presented with a new interface where you can select the contracts time frame. It may be 1 minute or it can be even 5 minutes.  So you are not spending more than set time frame for you to make or break a trade. Everything is in your control, make a choice between long or short.

Let’s see how turbo trading works



Turbo trading is trading on steroids. When you turbo trade, you can make (or lose) a significant amount of money quickly, all while being infused with enough adrenaline to make your skin tingle.


A turbo trade is a straightforward yes/no trade. Your job is to go ‘Long’ if you expect a price rise or ‘Short’ if you expect a price decline.

If your prediction is correct at the expiry time (the orange line at the end) you make a profit equivalent to the payoff (shown in green), which can be as high as 75% for some markets. If not, you forfeit the amount you invested.

You can submit as many turbo trades as you want before the purchase deadline (the dotted white line in the middle).

You can demo turbo trade too – just toggle the switch in the top right corner of your dashboard while in turbo mode. It’s probably the best way to get a feel for it.


While in turbo mode, select the EUR/USD market. The profit you’re set to make on a correct trade for EUR/USD is indicated in green as the payoff: 68%. The 1-minute contract should be selected by default; 5-minute contracts are also available from the clock dropdown menu.


Say you submit a long turbo trade at 1.2200, the current market price, with a size of 0.1BTC. At expiration, the EUR/USD market price is 1.2205, which is higher than your 1.2200 entry price. Since you submitted a long trade and predicted the price direction correctly, at expiration you receive 68% x 0.1BTC = 0.068BTC, in addition to your initial 0.1BTC investment.

Trade sizes for turbo trades are generally capped between 0.1BTC and 0.15BTC.

Now how do you feel, and by the way i just completed my trader and results are here…


Just 5 minutes and made a profit of $12. Get started with

If you still like to know more about bitcoin or how to use you can always contact me for more info.

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